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 Faculty and Staff

Roy & Alice H. Richards Bicentennial Distinguished Scholar and Professor of Marketing; Associate Dean of the MBA Program and the MBA@UNC Program919-962-3194Curriculum Vitae 
Roy O. Rodwell Distinguished Professor of Marketing919-962-3194Curriculum Vitae 
Associate Professor of Marketing919-962-3189Curriculum Vitae 
Assistant Professor of Marketing 919-962-3814Curriculum Vitae 
Associate Professor of Marketing919-962-9089Curriculum Vitae 
The Townsend Family Distinguished Professor of Marketing919-962-2149Curriculum Vitae 
Assistant Professor of Marketing919-962-8436Curriculum Vitae 
Clinical Associate Professor of Marketing919-962-1652Curriculum Vitae 
Assistant Professor of Marketing919-962-8746Curriculum Vitae 
Assistant Professor of Marketing919-962-9029Curriculum Vitae 
Professor of Marketing919-843-6459Curriculum Vitae 
Adjunct Assistant Professor919-962-3658 
Knox Massey Distinguished Professor of Marketing and Area Chair of Marketing919-962-9579Curriculum Vitae 
Assistant Professor of Marketing919-962-0992Curriculum Vitae 
David S. Van Pelt Distinguished Professor of Marketing919-962-8214Zeithaml site