AIM Biographies

Scott Simonton picture

Scott Simonton – Portfolio Manager

Undergraduate Degree: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, BA Journalism & Mass Communication

Prior Experience: Trader/Analyst BlackHawk Capital Management

Summer 2012: Barclays Capital - Sales & Trading


Robert Frear III picture

Robert Frear III – Market Strategist

Undergraduate Degree: Michigan State University, BS Applied Engineering Sciences

Prior Experience: Senior Strategy & Transformation Consultant, IBM Global Business Services

Summer 2012: Goldman Sachs & Co, Private Wealth Management


Richard Anderson picture

Richard Anderson – Investor Relations

Undergraduate Degree: Virginia Tech, BS Industrial and Systems Engineering. 

Prior Experience: Grant Thornton LLP, Management Consulting. 

Summer 2012: Wells Fargo, Commercial Banking


Ben Scully

Ben Scully – Risk Management

Undergraduate Degree: Cornell University, BS Operations Research Engineering

Prior Experience: American International Group (AIG)

Summer 2012: Trillium Trading, Market Research


Grier Buchanan picture

Grier Buchanan – Head Trader

Undergraduate Degree: Vanderbilt University, BA Economics

Prior Experience: JBG Rosenfeld Retail, Financial Analyst

Summer 2012: Hatteras Funds, Portfolio Management


Adam Sues picture

Adam Sues – Equities Manager

Undergraduate Degree: Mount Union College, BA Business Administration

Prior Experience: rPath, Business Analyst

Summer 2012: Fidelity Investments, Equity Research


Michele Panzeri picture

Michele Panzeri, CFA – Special Situations Manager / Financial Sector Analyst

Undergraduate Degree: Tennessee Technology University

Prior Experience: Banca IMI Securities, Sales & Trading

Summer 2012: TIAA-CREF, Equity Research


Adam Wiklund picture

Adam Wiklund, CFA – Real Assets Manager

Undergraduate Degree: University of Wisconsin, Finance, Investments, Banking and Management and Human Resources

Prior Experience: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, Investment Analyst

Summer 2012: Morgan Creek Capital Management


Ben Schramm picture

Ben Schramm – Fixed Income Manager

Undergraduate Degree: St. Cloud State University, BS Finance, BA Economics

Prior Experience: RBC Global Asset Management, Fixed Income Analyst

Summer 2012: Ford Motor Co, FX Desk


Todd Cobb picture

Todd Cobb – Materials Sector Analyst / Industrial Sector Analyst

Undergraduate Degree: Duke University, BS Environmental Engineering

Prior Experience: Civil Engineering & IT Sales

Summer 2012: Eastman Chemical, Commercial Leadership Development Program


Sidharth Bhagavatula picture

Sidharth Bhagavatula – Energy Analyst

Undergraduate Degree: NIT Waranfal - Bachelor of Technology

Prior Experience: Oracle Corporations, Application Developer

Summer 2012: Amazon, Product Strategy


Graham Savage picture

Graham Savage – Consumer Staples Analyst

Undergraduate Degree: College of William & Mary, BA Music and American Studies

Prior Experience: Legg Mason Capital Management, Market Intelligence Analyst

Summer 2012: Piedmont Community Bank Holdings


Apurva Goel picture

Apurva Goel – Utilities Analyst

Undergraduate Degree: University of Mumbai, BE Computer Engineering

Prior Experience: Wachovia Securities, Financial Modeling

Summer 2012: Ernst and Young, Financial Services


Shuaiqi Gu picture

Shuaiqi Gu – Information Technology / Telecommunications Analyst

Undergraduate Degree: East China Normal University, BA Electrical Engineering Graduate Degree: University of Wisconsin, Electrical Engineering

Prior Experience: AMD Inc, Research and Development

Summer 2012: Bank of China, Investment Banking


Williams Mills picture

Williams Mills, CFA – Healthcare Sector Analyst

Undergraduate Degree: Washington and Lee University

Prior Experience: AIG Asset Management Group, Assistant Portfolio Manager and Trader

Summer 2012: Ridgemont Equity Partners, Private Equity