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The Applied Investment Management Program at KFBS

Professor assisting a student in The Capital Markets Lab at Kenan-FlaglerThe AIM curriculum is designed to give select MBA students the opportunity to learn while investing real money with the goal of achieving above-average risk-adjusted returns.

In August of 2008 the AIM program launched the Global Perspectives Fund which seeks to provide a rich educational experience in investment management coupled with returns that preserve the real value of the Fund's assets. Distributions from the Fund will be used to support the Capital Markets Lab and the Investment Management Curriculum at Kenan-Flagler.

The Global Perspectives Fund

Class session at The Capital Markets Lab at Kenan-FlaglerA student-managed fund, GPF supplements a finance curriculum with cooperative, experiential learning which develops tangible skills in global macroeconomic asset allocation, portfolio management, and investment communication.

With the ability to invest in all major liquid asset classes, the Global Perspectives Fund utilizes a multi-strategy macroeconomic asset allocation seeking to preserve the purchasing power of assets while providing a predictable, stable stream of earnings with an annual total return of inflation +5%.

The Fund maintains strategic target allocations with flexible tactical ranges to take advantage of shifts in market conditions. Asset allocation decisions will be made when such actions are expected to produce incremental return, reduce risk, or both.