Center for Excellence in Investment Management

Center for Excellence in Investment Management (CIM) provides resources that facilitate knowledge creation and dissemination throughout the ever-expanding frontiers of finance. CIM helps students, researchers, and practitioners keep pace with the rapidly evolving financial services industry through a variety of programs, publications, and outreach.

CIM Mission

  • Prepare Kenan-Flagler students for the most challenging jobs in cutting edge finance.
  • Promote academic and applied research in advanced financial strategies.
  • Engage leading practitioners in research, teaching, and current issues through special events, executive development workshops, and joint projects.



Preparing  Students

  • The Capital Markets Lab integrates real-world financial tools and the finance curriculum at Kenan-Flagler  
  • Professional Development Workshops and the Speakers Series
  • CIM sponsors Kenan-Flagler's participation as a CFA Program University Partner 


Promoting Knowledge Creation

  • CIM provides support for faculty research initiatives.  (See below for links.)
  • Funding and administrative support from CIM supports the Private Equity Research Consortium (PERC)    
  • Ph.D. students at Kenan-Flagler are eligible for competitive grants and fellowships from CIM  
  • UNC-Duke Asset Pricing Conference


Engaging Leading Practitioners

  • Annual Private Equity Conference brings together practitioners, academics, and regulators
  • North Carolina Investment Institute and Investment Outlook events
  • Alpha Challenge
  • Alternative Investments Conference
  • Investment Management and CIM advisory boards


Recent Research

July 2013: Economic Analysis of North Carolina Investment Management Industry, by Prof. Gregory W. Brown, Andrew Cooper, and Colby Isabel.

May 2013: Do Private Equity Funds Game Returns? by Gregory W. Brown, Oleg Gredil, Steven N. Kaplan

April 2013: Skewness in Expected Macro Fundmentals and the Predictability of Equity Returns: Evidence and Theory by Riccardo Colacito, Eric Ghysels, Jinghan Meng

March 2013: Asymmetric information and the pecking (dis)order by Paolo Fulghieri, Diego Garcia, Dirk Hackbarth

March 2013: Revealing shorts: An examination of large short position disclosures by Charles M. Jones, Adam V. Reed, William Waller

January 2012: Why Gaussian Macro-Finance Term Structure Models Are (Nearly) Unconstrained Factor-VARs by Scott Joslin, Anh Le, Kenneth J. Singleton

November 2012: Production-Based Term Structure of Equity Returns by Hengjie Ai, Mariano M. Croce, Anthony M. Diercks, Kai Li


For more information, contact Christian Lundblad, Professor of Finance and Director of the Center for Excellence in Investment Management at Kenan-Flagler Business School, at 919.962.8441 or